About to give up rigging characters

Having a real bugger of a time trying to rig my two human character.s . Tried several ways including making a custom rig, using Blender’s metarig and even went through tutorials trying to see why its not working. All I get are error notices. Anyone willing to help? I made the models myself. I haven’t had problems with other basic things but I dont know if I did something to the model meshes or what. Trying to get them so they will work in Unity. Been at it for over 2 weeks. I am very frustrated. Thanks.

PS Using Blender 2.78b

Hi, if you can post the file here or link to we can have a look and let you know.

You’re gonna have to give more details if you want help from the community.
If you don’t want to share your blendfile at least post screenshots to show what’s not working.

Hi all, sorry for the very long and extended absence. I became ill with the Covid Delta variant along with a flu virus and Pneumonia (triple play slam) soon after this initial post. Also the version was 2.79b. I do appreciate Your replies and I found some of the issues only recently.

I have since ceased to work on any complex models as far as rigging and clearly not going to be much good for animations. I’ll still create some models but I will leave the rigging and animating to those more skillful and educated in this area of 3D art.

Again, thank you for your replies.