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hello i’m new to blender and i’m trying to make my first head my thing is when i start blender i go to help menu and press tutorials then i scroll down to see a page called “modelling a girls head” ok right go down the page to the 4th picture where it says import a picture and at the bottem it says “go to front view, select all virtices on the left hand side of model and so on” but when i do it i can’t find the button that says "all vertices and i can’t remove’em or split them i think its called a knife tool which i can’t find…can you help me easyies way of making my first head

(not sure if this is in the right forum to ask this question…in case i’m in the wrong group.)

You hit Numpad-1 to get into Front View. Tab to get into Edit Mode, toggle A to deselect all verts (purple unselected and yellow selected), B to Box-Select (leftmouse drag) verts of one half, X to delete them. K for Knife tool, Shft-K if you already have mesh elements selected.

Problem is you’re doing an intermediate level tutorial (which assumes that you already know these things) without having done the basic level tuts.