Absolute Beginner's Guide to C?

I got this book a while back, used, so I think it was cheap.

Anyway, finally succeding in building Blender (though not yet on my win64 laptop) has wet my appetite to learn more programming.

So I was wondering if anyone has used this book to get into C development; is it any good? It got 4.5 stars an Amazon so it must be worth something; and what should I look up next?

delete this post (mine, not his)

The weird thing is,that is the original post.

Like it’s not been edited or anything.

So he actually typed “delete this post (mine, not his)” and clicked Submit Reply.


Didn’t like the book I guess? :stuck_out_tongue:

No I didn’t. I edited it right after I submitted it. It’s some bug if you can’t see that I edited it…

This post has been edited. Can you tell?

No I saw that, I was just contemplating what you might have said. :stuck_out_tongue:

What exactly didn’t you like about it?

Seems ok to me.