Abstergo Corp. **Warning inside**

**Warning: If you havent played Assassin’s Creed and don’t want to be spoiled, dont read **

Alright, well assuming you have no interest in that game, heres a little info. Abstergo corp, is a multinational company in the Assassin’s Creed game (and no it doesnt date back to the time of the crusades obviously). And well, as my second interior project, I’m trying to recreate it. It’s made up of four rooms, the main room (and by far the bigest), the conference room, Desmond Miles’ bedroom, and his bathroom. I actually started with the bathroom but for some reason I couldn’t get the light to shine through the shower glass so I dropped it and moved on to the main room, starting by the part where Vidic’s desk is.

Indigo Screenshot

I have to redo the frames around the windows, they’re not like the in-game ones (those were only temporary). I also have to add some details around the windows, and a wire or two coming out of the box on the right (and the indent on the left column). I also have to find a vertice efficient way of achieving round corners (I couldnt find any relevant in-game screenshots to show you what I want to attain, but basically most if not all of the edges are round).

C&C Please :slight_smile:

P.S: I let indigo work on that one for over 30 hours just for the sake of it.

Very Nice, love it. Add a background in the window of some buildings in bur and it would simply bring the nastalgia.

Also Ill be looking for the absloute detail in the stuff n the desk =D so dont mess them up. hich brings me to the desk chair, it is far too thin, I seem to remember the arms being much thicker

Also the bathroom was already retty dim, by not letting the ight through the glass did you mean it seemed like a wall instead of glass?

PS is the modeling in blender and if so, can I see an internal render?

  1. By not letting it through I mean THIS
  2. Oh yeah I’ll be paying close attention to detail.
  3. I dont mind showing you the BI version, but I didnt touch the materials on it since I was planning to render it in indigo from the start (I might change them a bit later though to speed up the process or something)

Heres the BI --> BI Render
As you can see neither the table or windows have ray transp enabled on them which makes we wonder how any of it is illuminated i only placed one light source (outside) although I do have AO on.

Right, hmm, I do not use indigo so I dont know how to fix the windows, but the Blender Render version of the room looks good, if you add the textures and the Ray Trans, and mir, it might look good enough to put up next to the indigo…

Have you tried using it in Yafray? Try setting the BI version to look right then running it in Yafray… Thats how I get my textures to look better, and it may help your shower issue.