Abstract Art

Hi to all ! :slight_smile:

This is a small work i’ve done with photoshop and i’m pretty proud of the result. It’s my new desktop background…


Hope you’ll like it

bye :wink:

it looks good…but being so bright it hurts the eyes so i wouldn’t make it a desktop…good work nontheless

It’s so hard to see, it’s out of focus on nearly everything!
If it is possible I would recommend to set stuff in focus, then I would use it for my desktop!

Love the colors, but as Kjartan said, it’s soo out of focus. I actually sat there for a second thinking the browser had not yet fully loaded the image till I looked at the text in the image and saw it was sharp.

I like everything about it except the title. Unless it’s a statement about abstract art, it doesn’t need to be there, IMO.