Abstract Glass Thing, “The Juggling Dragon”

Yes, it’s another abstract thingy. There’s been a lot of them lately. :slight_smile:


I also made a short video (xvid).

Well, it is abstract. I think you captured the glass material very well.


Material work is very well done, and the modeling is good too.

I think it looks like a dragon juggling…

Very nice abstraction. But which part is supposed to be the glass? :-? If the figure thing is supposed to be glass, it’s not very transparent… But that’s okay, it’s still a very nice “abstract thingy” :wink:

Beautiful… I would do a LOT to acheive an effect like that… :o

very nice abstract thingy :smiley:

It does look awesome, very creative.

Please don’t use the word “thingy.” Out of all the words that don’t exist in the english dictionary, this one fries me the most.

Well, let’s call it “The Juggling Dragon”. :wink:

And thanks for commenting.

WOW :o Good job man, that looks ultra cool :smiley:


I quite like it. A really nice piece of abstract art, especially with the title, and I’m usually very critical of anything abstract (a lot of people just throw a bunch of crap together). I’d expect it in a museum, except that it has obvious impossibilities… which makes it all the cooler.


I want that in my room! :smiley:

Good work.

nice light refraction (is that it… i mean the distorted reflections in the glass)very artistic… well done