Abstract, Radiosity, & Chrome

(paradox) #1

new stuff 1. Gallery page AlphaAbstract. Experimenting with Alpha maps came up with this abstract 5 planes 4 in the front with alpha maps and varying textures procedural and image.Although I used Blender to put it all together it has a decidely 2D look. The image on the back plane was created in photoshop.
2. jump over to experimental scroll to bottom of page and find 2 new radiosity tests Porch and Desert.
3. Same page Chrome test - once I built a robot but it was flawed so I asked my son (DarkElfv) to show me how to fix it. He did and added some details so it became a joint project. Anyway I grabbed this model to test out an easy to use chrome method. The result is chrome test.
Also on that page is my first website avi. It is a test of how the chrome looks when you move the camera. Divx format 2,188kb. Link on site if you don’t have Divx. If you like the effect I’ll post a how to.
That is all (I think) Chow de bye bye
link http://hstrial-jgray1.homestead.com/gallery.html

(ec2) #2


Good work.

I love the dessert image. The large rock is great (uv mapped?).

I’m still trying to figure out Radiosity, I think I will get it in time.

Keep up the good work.

(S68) #3

Nice image, I like transparencies and flares…

the other I had already seen :wink:


(paradox) #4

Thanks for the comments guys.

ec2. No the rock was done with a image map cube wrapped and attached to an empty so it would show in the radiosity image. It wasn’t a great desert scene but I liked the mood so decided to show it.

S68 Yeah I like the colors and transparncys in that picture. I don’t do alot of lens flares (mostly because they are a camera artifact and don’t exist in real life) but seemed appropiate for an abstract.

surprised I got no comments on the chrome. Did not use an env map. Maybe my divx was too big. Or maybe it wasn’t as good as I thought.


(paradox) #5

I’m posting this because my son went to my site and missed the chrome robot. Also I noticed from my site statistics that alot of people looked at my gallery page but less at the experimental page. So I decided that 2 things one - I was too wordy in my original post and didn’t make it clear on where everything was and 2- I should have put my new stuff on the experimental page at the top instead of at the bottom. So here is a link to the experimental page in case you missed it just scroll to the bottom of the page where the new stuff has a red new on it. If you already looked and just didn’t comment I have no problems with that I’m just doing this because I think I was a little unclear.

(sten) #6

hey paradox

nice abstract stuff…always fun to see compared to realistic attempts :slight_smile:

I like the desert pic and I recognize the Robot too :smiley:

keep it up

(paradox) #7

Thanks Stonzy, yeah the robot is an older model forgot I showed it around some before (absent minded in my old age) but the chrome effect I think is new. For the abstract nice to do something as a change of pace once in a while. You’ll be seeing more of the robot someday as I have an animation planed for him.