abstract script/plugin tests

Hi, these are some renders I have done using scripts and plugins.
The first ‘cube’ uses discombobulator, x2, wire mesh applied to 2nd,
then I button mashed and came up with the cities attatched to 2nd mesh? Massive lighting overload also.
The second is geodesic domes, with wire mesh, uv projection, random textures, halo projection and finally some cool rays.
Third geodesic again, wire mesh, duplicated & scaled with transparency &
emit up high. Background nebular generator. Lens flare from Jasons gallery.


those are pretty cool. Can you give links to those scripts?
and plugins?

Thanks eaglebreath,
They were fun to make too.
You can find links to the scripts here: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=74659
Or search this forum, wiki or
google eg; geodesic (script name) blender script. There are many great scripts out there, test a few out and post some abstracts.

I don’t want to turn this into a persolal gallery but for now,
here’s some more.:slight_smile:
These 2 were done entirly using Blender materials & textures & plugins.
The ‘sun’ is two spheres, semi transparent, one with halo turned on.


I like that sun! it is like very old mosaic artwork! good good good

Hehe, the first one’s great, it looks like some kind of post-apocalyptic disco ball :slight_smile:

Cityscape1_0 default settings.
The halo’s in the first pic are odd. Makes a nice desktop though.
2nd pic Projecton mapped textures and some odd lighting. Hey more halo’s. Side view of 1st pic with better mapping.


what script did you mix with discombob for that surfaceless edge on the greeble cube/disco ball? I’d like the disco ball without all the lights, they are just distracting

Hi, I know what you mean about the lights, I got exited with the spot/halo combo. Still the whole thing was under 10min render. Just testing stuff, by the way the image is hdr then convert/optimize jpeg for web.
Discombobulator with copy on. Make sure 2 different materials, with the outer skin press the ‘ob’ button(not ‘me’ which is default) then the wire button to create the scaffolding.
You can use the Solidify selected edges (wire) script (by cambo) also for this, for thicker lines.
I think? (sometimes) that I must have fooled around more with Mr.Bob’s settings to acheive the outer filled sections but at that stage I was tired and pressed Mr.Bob again and crashed Blender.
Abstract (distracted) mind… absent blender?
Message: cannot save quit. Doh. Cannot find .blend either not in temp.
Still I acheived a good abstract look and have 8 renders in various stages.
The one I posted was the Final. The end of nights play testing scripts and breaking Blender. Anyway, it’s an interesting work.

upset about the .blend
say: Save Every 5 min. 100 times each night before you go to bed.
I Found the file. Unti.blend All 8meg.

However I have a .blend where Blender’s entire interface is transparent,
the menus are all lines and text only. hehe wireframe blender:D