abstract sphere progression

there’s a few images.
I stareted with an old cg sphere model I made.
I opened it it 2.56 & applied the solidify modifier twice on each mesh that makes the sphere.

next I added some weird materials, duplicated one of the mesh, applied the spin modifier…

then scaled the two sphere mesh…

then added the blender edge setting & tweaked the materials for some colors.

then i deleted the sphere objects & tweaked the materials on the background object…

finally I moved & scaled the background object for a different perspective…


wow, man! it looks wonderful!
It would be nice to se it animated :wink:


Mind boggling (to me)

Nice stylization.

What’s that scene in your first image from? Isn’t that from a site where you can submit anything, as long as it’s a sphere?

thanks for the reply’s. :slight_smile:

Yoeri, yes, it’s a model I made for this site: http://www.cgsphere.com/