Abstract Suzanne

with a little imagination, you can see that it is actually based on suzanne’s mesh :wink:

Woah… the colors! :o

I like it. I can’t really pick out Suzanne, but the colors are really cool. That is some fantastic blue. The wire frame effect also has some cool effects on the color. Keep it up!


I updated the picture with better OSA, it’s nearly unperceptible.
I know suzanne is really well hidden, but i tought it is fun that this abstract form come from a such popular mesh :slight_smile:

I can see the monkey. That is really cool. How did you do the color gradient? like the pink to blue thing.

Wow very interesting to look at, and very cool looking aswell. So nice to see that monkey head portrayed in another way, other than the usual, and mostly dull, render tests.

The colours are fantastic. Excellent transition from the pinky-red to the blue.

Was that done with Ramps or something else? Just curious.


U guys got really good eyes :o cant see any monkey, but the looks totaly great, will really fit as a BG on screen :smiley:

I used ramp, but the color effect is mainly done with gimp.
I use blender since 1month only so i don’t know yet all the tricks, and because I’m used to 2D drawing, i can’t resist to the temptation to post process evrything I make :slight_smile:

I’m sure it is possible to do it with ramps only without post processing, and i’m actually trying that, but it’s not trivial at all :S

no you see, the monkey is in astral form. thats its spiritual essence. %|
awesome pic! looks like a nerve cell or something.


nice shading…

and very, er, abstract…

i can see the Suzanne, cant you?
just kidding


WOW! :smiley:

Blown away! I really like the colours you’ve used.

I’m very interested in how you made this. Could you please make a tutorial on this? :expressionless: That would be awesome.

Do you have a wallpaper version? :wink:


:o :o :o
This has got to be the most beatutiful render I have seen here in a long time. Everything about it, is so right!

Definitely wallpaper/portfolio material :smiley:

Now you just need a better name. Poeple elsewhere who does not know what Suzanne is, will not understand “Abstract Suzanne”. Hint - hint :slight_smile:

wow… very nice. Honestly I don’t see suzanne at all. But its an awsome look.

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