Abstract Volume light

Some fun with volume light shaders ( two spheres with some procedural shaders - render with cycles )



That’s really cool! Would you mind giving some more info, I can’t quiet imagine how to make something like this!

A simple, but brilliant concept for abstract types of work (I know the potential for this concept, because many years back I have made ‘instant art’ using volume shaders in BI).

You could even pump out several different variations in quick succession by changing the offset and color settings.

Hey , thanks - maybe some one with more experience can make the nodes setup a bit better

Same setup Just some changes with the materials


Blend file 2.77.1 or higher


Volume light fractals001E1.blend (839 KB)


This is really a cool experiment!! :smiley:
Colors, composition, technic,…I like it a lot!

Great technique Benny G.
Many thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the nice feedback :wink: , ( but credits to the blenderteam ).and this experiment render verry fast with GPU .

I’m just checking this .blend out right now. Wow man, that’s some cool stuff you got here!You could say “I have a new toy” :smiley: lol, looks like a lot of fun. It opens up a whole new playground for me. Thanks for sharing!!

A little trick to get massively better render times. Look at this, just a tiny little change in the render settings for factor 20!!! improvement in render speed. Yes, it has a little bit more noise, so maybe a setting in between would do. Bottom image with original volume sampling settings (sorry, I stopped it, my laptop was getting really hot) estimated time 26 minutes. The top image rendered in only 76 seconds :slight_smile:


Verry nice example marekv, :wink:

Yes you are right sometimes it can make a difference to change the volume sampling .( for faster render and sometimes the look is the same it depends. Thanks for the tip ):wink:

Another example :


Volume light fractals 009B.blend (731 KB)

This one would make an awesome fire effect. Really, tons of possibiliries here.

Do you want that i post more .blender files for to see how it works .:wink:

I would sure like to see the fire one, the node setup of this last one I mean :slight_smile:

I have made a small animation with this experiment - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKNCJpnAxUo


Volume light fractals001E2B.blend (791 KB)Volume light animation fractals 001E2B .blend (791 KB)

Another example :wink:


Like the last one, but all look cool.
Thanks for the sharing, it’s a fun to play with!

Whoa this looks really nice! Looks like I have something new for the GTX 980

Also the fire fly though reminds me of a nebula.