Abstracts (WALLPAPER)

Here’s my work… alot of this was modeling by hand, and the fractal tool. I discombobulated the blocky abstract (orange) but other than that it was, sub-devide, extrude, fractal, extrude, fractal, extrude, sub-devide, fractal, extrude over and over until I got the desired the result. These are all at 1024x768 res for wallpaper.


EDIt:: oops I added the wrong blocky one, and towers… I forgot to add AAO samples of 35 in those. I’ll re-render and post up the updated ones tomorrow, but you can still look (as a teaser) =P


Interesting renders, the top right one has a nice clay feel to it.

Ive been messing around with the Nodes a bit, you can get some pretty abstract results using them to. I reckon the bottom left one would look better with a strong boom effect.

Does anyone know why their bad quality? (or is it just the upload?)

Their excellent quality on my mac, but when I get it to the windows machine the quality is terrible.

Nah. I don’t like em. Not abstract enough to call em abstract. I would call them "5 min"ish job.

Play with the node editor to get more stuff going on.

Nothing revolutionary but I would call them abstract. I do have to agree with bigbad and say that they look like they only took 5 minutes but hey. I just think your modeling is way to simple and that you also could get better material effects.

About the quality issue. Everything seems find to me but then again I am using a high def monitor. It could be that the image wasn’t saved at 100 percent quality but I’m not sure. Try using a .png extention format. Not only can it save alpha but quality is always top notch.

It’s just my monitor.

Anyone using these?

I really think this would need some more work…

These can be called abstract, they just need some interesting compositing to really help them pop out.

Are you expecting a photoreal Vray render or something?

the second one is good but I’d change the background really.

I will re-render these using mental ray when I get back to my mac =/


HAHAHA! These look really funny man :smiley: I hope you were not serious with these ;D

The last one is the best, the rest were just python scripts =P

Using a fancy renderer won’t make a bad image good. If you spend 5 minutes on it, it won’t look good. Simple as that.

Have you ever rendered with mental ray using final gather?

Didn’t think so.