Abyss water tentacle


I was wondering if it is possible to create the water tentacle like the one in the movie Abyss?

Any advice would be appreciated

Thank you!

It should be possible, i never did it but with some procedural textures, softbodies, transparency or liquid simulations it should be good. I am just guessing :slight_smile:

Still or animation? Still would be extraordinarily easy. Animated… not as easy.

There is an example of a tentacle built with an array modifier (including a sample .blend file) on the wiki:

You could try to put a whole bunch of metaballs on a spline with dupliframes.

It would be totally possible. A very nice looking, but maybe not TOTALLY controllable or fast possibility would be fluid control, a great feature of blender that combines fluid simulation with any animated mesh.

Another option would be using a regular mesh with a chain of bones, (or a ‘bones on a curve’ armature) controlling the tentacle, and your face and head controlled by a regular face rig, and then your mesh altered by a ‘displace’ modifier set to use an animated procedural texture.

Obviously material would go a good deal into this effect as well, but that’s an entirely different subject which might be better tackled once you have the physical side of your effect down.