AC3D & Blender comparision

(PowerMacG4) #1

OK, I’ve been playing with this AC3D modeller. Getting use to the UI is ruff since I’m used to Blender.
My thing is When comparing the two What are the Difference? As a modeller only.
I’m more into Architecture style modelling. Would AC3D be more up my alley? Also I’m digging more into using other Renderers i.e. 3Delight, Pov-Ray.
I can see the Combo of both Blender and AC3D can be a serious setup so I wont tag one better than the other. But I’m trying to find my place. I dig both but I need to stick with one to learn the art.
My goal is to setup a nice shop. Based around IRIX, Mac OS X, good Modeller or two, and Render.
What you Gents/Ladies think?

(ray_theway) #2

I can’t say I’ve tried AC3D before, but if you’re into architectural rendering, I know a renderer that is “right up your alley.” RADIANCE, which I think runs on IRIX and surely runs on OSX, is a physically accurate renderer which works perfectly for architectural rendering (it’s not really as good for someone looking for artistic rendering). Jan Walter wrote an export script (for Blender of course) to RADIANCE, and if you want I could share some of my modifications to it.
The only tough part about RADIANCE is it’s all in the command line except for two X11 programs, and it consists of literally about 100 different programs with different functions. The website, though, is really good about documentation.

And here’s where to download Jan’s script:

And e-mail me or PM me if you want to see my mods to the script.

(PowerMacG4) #3

I like what Radiance is about. Checking out site now. How good is the Blender script to export to it? If I got time tonight I will play with it.
If you can pass off as much info you can to me I will be so thankful.
Thanks for the help

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Radiance Must be serious!! I prce the book “Rendering with Radiance” $228. Wow.
I just ordered Advance Renderman, and I complain about $50.
I will be taking the long road to learning then.

(ray_theway) #5

:o Whoa, I didn’t know Rendering With Radiance cost that much. I haven’t done badly for myself, though, with just the online doc’s.
/me takes another look at some web pages
Welllll, if you order it from the publisher, it’s only $88.95. I guess it’s kinda like a textbook. Still, though, Radiance is a serious renderer, and in and of itself, it’s free and will be open source in January.

Jan’s script to export to radiance is ok, but it doesn’t export materials yet. I’ve gotten used to writing my own, but I could take another look at it. If your going to use that script, don’t name anything that starts with Cone, Plane, Cylinder, anything like that or it only exports a cone or plane or cylinder and not the whole mesh. I modified the script on my own to take out this code, (cuz it kinda bugged me).

Good luck on your radiance explorations! I’ve found radiance almost as satisfying as learning blender. It’s really great! :wink:

(neil) #6

Good to see someone has created a script to export. I have done a bit with Blender and Radiance but I saved the model as .obj then wrote an awk script to convert it to the tmesh format that the tmesh2rad script provided with radiance wants. I’ll try it when I get home for the christmas holidays as I am using a windows computer here that I am not allowed to install software on (so dont have Blender :frowning: )


(PowerMacG4) #7

Radiance works lovely on IRIX.
Now on to the Jan scripts.
Can’t get to work.
this is what I get:
$ Traceback (innermost last):
File “”, line 7, in ?
ImportError: No module named matrix

Anytips on using Jan’s scripts? I’m running Blender 2.23 also tried 2.03, 2.25. not luck.

I tried the rib exporter also
Traceback (innermost last):
File “”, line 13, in ?
ImportError: No module named string
any clues?
Thanks in advance