[acaro alcaloide] -= Snow Crash =- VSE Blender

hi to all,

this is my new music video :


music : lmms
video : VSE Blender
3d animation : Blender

acaro link :


youtube channel :


a-cari saluti,

helloooooooooo :spin:

Interesting music video again. As I don’t understand any Italian what is it about?

…I understand no Italian …but…because of my own bias…yes , the tube has enslaved , captured and perverted much of society…that’s my guess…I like it.

sorry for my English,

in the video Pasolini says something like this :

“when someone listen to us speaking from a screen, he is in a position of lower rank and this is deeply antidemocratic… words falling from a screen are always falling from above (top), even the most sincere, even the most democratic”

i tryed to focus my video on this concept

here the others videos : http://www.youtube.com/santjago