Access animated curve handes and control point after deformation (shapes and modifier

(Rickyx) #1

I have to export animation data of a curve deformed by shapes, modifiers and armatures.

This is somehow similar to but for curves (so not only I need the vertex but also the handles).

I can access static curve data by using for ex.

o =['Curve']
hr =[0].bezier_points[0].handle_right
hr =[0].bezier_points[0].handle_left
co =[0].bezier_points[0].co

I could not find how can I get the deformed data?

Thank you!

(Rickyx) #2

Further thoughts:
copying the mesh, applying modifiers, export each frame is the only solution i see but I still have to test it.

And, even in this case, I don’t know how to apply shape keys.

(liero) #3

yes, I guess you need to work on a copy of the curve and apply your deformation modifiers there… and use_apply_on_spline active so you don’t deform the generated mesh but the curve

to apply shape keys manually you can create a new shape key from mix, set its mix value to 1, remove every shape key starting from the top… now the trick is to do that from python

(Rickyx) #4

Thank you liero!
I’ll test and report my find.

ps. I wrote to you: