Accessing C++ DLLs from python ***UPDATE: Resolved

Here’s my problem, I’m using boost to build a C++ .dll that I can call from within Blender, and within the BGE. It works flawlessly on this computer, but when I copy the compiled code to another computer it can’t communicate to the .dll. I’m building the .dll in VS2005, and the problem seems to be that if VS2005 is not installed on the computer, it will not run. I’ve narrowed it down to that by having a computer with everything but that (blender and boost) on one computer that won’t run it, a computer with none of the tools I’ve been using that won’t run it, and then installing VS2005 on the computer that doesn’t have python, boost, or blender on it - and it works.

I was wondering if anybody knew a particular setting within visual studio which will include the necessary VS2005 .dlls in it, or which .dlls I’d have to copy over to get it to work. I’ve tried pretty much everything I can think of on my own, in addition to spending multiple hours trying everything conceivable in searches of these forums, and forums all over the net via google.

I have a similar thread in BGE forum, but figured this was a more code-based problem than being BGE specific so I thought I’d give it a shot. Any help would be appreciated.


I created an installer for the project, and it built the project with whatever dependencies it was missing out on. Done, I now have a working example of python using C++ for the core, and soon it’s AI and networking!

what’s the advantage of using c++ dlls

C++ is much faster.

On many things the speed doesn’t matter much, but when it comes to something like an AI trying to go 7+ levels deep in a minimax tree…it would be insane trying to do that in python and not take the AI 10+ seconds to decide what it’s gonna do.