Accidentally turned scaling off somehow

I’ve been using Blender for several years and have never come across this before, but in the scene I am currently working on scaling doesn’t actually work. When I hit “s” the scaling tool shows up and it shows the scaling stuff in the bottom left of the 3D view, but nothing actually scales. Scaling in edit mode works just fine. I have made sure that scaling isn’t locked for any of the objects and there aren’t any constraint that could be affecting it. I did notice that on the left toolbar there was a “resize” panel or something open when I noticed this problem for the first time, but I accidentally got out of it before I could really look at what it was. Any ideas?

Edit: I can still scale in object view by using the toolbar on the right, just not by pressing s

Edit 2: Also just noticed that rotating doesn’t work in object mode either, but translating does. This applies for all objects, including lights and the camera

There’s a button you have to press that turns it on and off. Bizarre but I was stumped by it for a while as well .The button you need is in the header (3d viewport):

Thanks Kurtis, that did the trick!