Hello, I created this account primarily so I could get full access to the forums and attachments. But I have tens of emails from Blender Artists stating that my account is locked for 15 minutes because someone has been trying to log onto it with the wrong password over 5 times, each time with a different IP.

Is this perhaps a bug? or is someone really trying to gain access to my account, and what can be done to stop this?

Thank you. I apologise if this is in the wrong forum or against the rules in any way.

Your name is ‘User name’?

You should consider getting it changed to something less obvious, hackers may think your current name sounds so obvious they like to try over and over to hack your account.

Do you also have a user name of “Random” by any chance? (IP addresses are identical)

The latest spam trend is to hack an existing username and post through it, so i am not sure how we can help you easily. Its an unfortunate sign of the times.

Perhaps a new username would be the best, and we can remove the others.



I am quite sure I only have this account. I am afraid I’m not too creative when it comes to naming. :wink:

I will probably change my name if possible, thank you for your help.

in my opinion, choosing something as simple as user name was quite creative

Thank you, it was meant to be ‘creative’ actually, but I didn’t know of the possible ramifications of having it. :slight_smile: I also have user name(or username) on a few forums, one with a large population. :wink:

I don’t think I can change my name and I would rather not change it to be honest. Perhaps there is another solution for this problem?

If you still want to change you name you can do it here.

Hmm… maybe those people think that your password must be ‘password’… but were obviously wrong.

I don’t get what people get out of hacking others’ accounts…

It’s not just for ha-has. The idea is that they hack your account, then use it to post spam, then earn $$$.