Ace Ventura

Hi Everyone, I am very glad that you liked my previous stylized artwork " Agent J" so I decided to give another try. This time Jim Carrey from " Ace Ventura ". Hope you like this.
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Really loved the job, style catchs with Jim Carrey. Nothing looks bad in my opinion.

If you are using Cycles maybe you can hide shadows. Because background is just white.


I love the style of this. :grin:
Good job.

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Thanks You!! :slight_smile:

Thanks You!!! :slight_smile:

Very nice caricature! The likeness is perfect.

But I mention a very different style in the actor (his chest for example) and the bird. The actor’s chest is super stylised, while the parrot is very beautiful (without any doubt), but also very realistic. A (too) big change in style, in my opinion.

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nice one, you nailed it!


Thank You!! :slight_smile:

Thank You Very MUCH!!:slight_smile:

Ah, nostalgia. I liked Jim Carrey. The colorful outfit suits his personality in a portrait. It has a cool semi-caricature vibe.

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Thank you!! It means a lot to me :slight_smile:

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Thank You Everyone !! For Liking My Artwork

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank You!!

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