acid swamp drifting hovercraft racegamerobbery (well some sort of) early alpha

editnoted added some screenshots
editnote 07 22 15 at least the video and an updated version of the game now with mousecontrol too

new downloadlink win32

hy everybody. i am working on some kind of racegame and need feedback if this is playable.

the story
you are at the planet waddafog, solar system W1-10 C4R35. everybody knows that the waddafogs don’t trust in financial institutions.
they tried to hide their money inside their mattresses but the problem is that all people of waddafog sleep at waterbeds so this doesn’t work at all. so they took the next best solution and put all their money inside golden boxes that run around a racetrack automatically in an acid swamp.
your job now is to get as close as possible to the boxes so your hovercraft can fire a harpoonweapon at one of the moneyboxes not in the game till now) to steal them.
be aware that your hovercraft isn’t build to withstand acid so every time you leave the racetrack, you lose hull integrity and if it is gone, game over. your hovercraft jumps every time it hits an obstacle and due to the fact that the racetracks edges point upwards you become airborne often. it is more like flying a stone that is flipped over water.

how to play
key r for normal thrusters
key e for left
key g for right
enter num or right shift for turbo
key p restarts the game (you will need it, the whole thing is still glitchy)
key left to right shift pauses game (- on german keyboard)

if you only use thrusters you are too slow. you gotta use turbo too, but you will lose turbo whenever you use it. you can refill it by driving at the racetrack and only there. it refills faster than you can consume it so whenever you are at the racetrack you will refill it even when you use it
whenever you drive over the acid (thats the psychadelic rainbow coloured area) you will lose hull integrity (called panzerung). the hovercraft will repair it up automatically, when your turbo is fully loaded (1000)

there is a green dot at the right side of the hovercraft that indicates the harpoon. when it dissapeares you have been in shooting range. it will respawn some seconds later. you can and have to cut corners to be fast enough, but dont fly through the middle of the racetrack, there are some annomalies there!

now because of the fact that you only have one engine in the middle of the craft, you have to drift through corners even when you are airborne
it is indeed a little bit tricky but possible.

the endversion will have several racetracks, things you can buy with the money you have stolen, like better turbos and acid resistant hulls. but before i put more work in it, i have to know if this is playable. please report the framerate also, it is the changing white number in front of the camera, and your system dual core, quad core high-, mid- or lowend graphiccard.
suggestions are welcome.

you can download the game at

and you can risk an eye at youtube (i realy ment it! the quality is next to ugly)

special thanks to monster and maujoe at blendpolis for helping me out with problems i otherwise had to spend a lot of time with.