Acorn Street, Boston

Hello all,
Working on a street scene from images of Acorn Street in Boston, USA. Still have some work to do on some textures. Any feedback would be much appreciated.


Amazing level of realism, well done!!

Double whoa!! That is an amazing effort! It is stunning. In fact, I think what I’m going to do if you don’t mind is submit the picture for a canvas print to hang in my home. I just love it! I know you was trying for realism but to me it looks much better than the real thing. The little sky there is in the picture gives it such a warm fuzzy feeling and the way the light rays are bouncing off the cobblestone? What really does it is the knicked curb. The only thing I can’t figure is what is the metal grating about two stories up in the second building on the left? Is that a fire escape? Fantastic rendering care to share how you did it? - Rich

Can’t believe how few likes this has got (there is no rhyme or reason for the number of likes an image gets on this website, I find… it can be quite odd). This is excellent work.

It seems that the WIP section either doesn’t get as much attention as the rest of the forum, or people just cruise through looking at the pictures on the landing page, rather than clicking on the threads.

Either way, it doesn’t pull as many comments as the finished projects section.