Acoustic Guitar with Humbucker

Hello, here is 3D replica of my acoustic which I electrified and put a humbucker pickup on. It sounds awesome so I wanted to pay tribute to it with this model.

Acoustic is some cheap Madison branded guitar, electronics comes from Aria Excell Series

Textured in Photoshop CC 2021


Lovely dreadnought! I played guitar for about 12 years, I have a slim Fender, jumbo kinda shape and a Fishman pickup. I prefer portable pickups, rather than built in ones. It must sound lovely for you! :blush:

Oh yes, and amazing renders! :grin:

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Thank you! And enjoy your Fender, I also have slim Fender acoustic and it sounds very nice :grin:

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Been playing for 40yrs and just about Love every guitar out there.
Very nice work Indeed…Enjoy

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Thank you!

I have featured you on the “Hand-picked Blender Art #40” post on BlenderNation!

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I appreciate it, thank you for nice description!