Acoustic Guitar

Here’s an acoustic guitar I’ve made recently. Don’t be afraid to be too harsh on me; I’ll take all the criticism I can get (then again, this is the focused critique section). I’m working on blending the head into the neck for a much smoother transition. Right now it’s far too sharp. For some reason I can’t get the specularity right on the tuning pegs. Any other criticism would be nice, though.


looks nice :slight_smile:
i think u need a bigger texture on the back of the neck

Other then the Neck textures using a little more work… I think it looks pretty realistic to me!
Are you going to make a scene with this?

I think the pick guard could be glossier, and the low E string is rather large near the bridge but not at the head? You should keep the diameter the same for the whole string, everything else looks nice though.

Thanks, everyone! Yes; I’m sorry about the neck texture. I just took a photo of the back of my guitar’s neck and used that; it wasn’t very big, which gave it a low resolution.

@ Avenger 96, all of the strings have a consistent diameter. I made them with curves, and specified the bevel depth. I think the shadow just makes it look thicker at the end.

I am thinking about making a scene, but I’m not sure what to put it in.

Here’s a larger, higher resolution image; you can more clearly see the separation of the shadow and the string. I’ll consider changing the lighting setup though, to fix that some.

perhaps use higher resolution textures? the neck seems to have a pretty low res texture and shows block/artefacts parts.

maybe the lo-ress texture causes the circular design around the opening to the resonating chamber to look muddy/blurred. unlike in

for the preview, it would help to make the shadows softer so as to feather out, the thinnest string should cast hardly any noticeable shadow, yet the weightiest string would cast a thin but soft edged shadow <- see how the shadow diffuses on the legs there

Looks good!

As noted the back of the neck certainly needs some re-texturing. As to specularity, although I am not sure of your material settings (I am assuming they are meant to be chrome or steel, etc.), an environment map, or studio lighting setup would do the trick for the tuning pegs; right now there is nothing for them to reflect but the blank Blender world.

Keep up the good work!