Acoustic guitar

Hey , i’m doing a guitar in blender right now and i have a few questions , first i’ll post the pictures.

So , i started with a cube and added a bunch of loop cuts which i scaled and moved around until i got the body shape that is shown above.

Here are my questions:
1.Is there a better way i could have done this?
2. is there something wrong with the positioning of the loop cuts?
3. Can anyone recommend a way of making the sound hole?
4. Anyone know how i can make the whole mesh thicker, after adding the sound hole to give it a non paper thin look?

Also if anyone has anything else to say it’s greatly appreciated,thanks!

  1. this really depends on what you’re going to use it for so i can’t really say
  2. not that i can tell
  3. i would recommend adding a circle mesh in edit mode, deleting some of the faces on the front side, just enough to connect the hole, then positioning and scaling the circle and creating new faces to connect it (do this by selecting 4 vertices and hitting the f key, this will create a new face)
  4. use the solidify modifier and play with its values until you get a mesh that looks right, then hit the apply button.

very useful thanks man i’ll post more progress at some point when i get round to it, but could you explain what you mean by the front side of the circle mesh? i’m having a bit of a hard time visualizing what you mean, thanks for such a speedy reply :wink:

i meant the front side of your guitar mesh, not the circle mesh.
you need to delete enough faces on your guitar to be able to connect the circle.

or he can add faces and use the Looptools Addon, and just click on the Circle option with a set of 8 vertices selected, that would allow him to keep the shape, while adding in a circular cut to the center :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

this really allows him to edit his mesh without any accidental Triangles in there :P. as triangles really suck.

I would cut it straight down the middle and use a mirror modifier to get it exactly even. Also, there should be more vertical cuts on the guitar. You should learn to bevel the guitar and use a subdivision surface modifier. Your guitar is also HUGE. If you scaled this to feet, I’m guessing it would be around 30 feet high. The lighting will not be realistic. I would try to find a sample of a guitar made in blender and look at it in edit-mode and try to emulate the topology.

I would do the body more like this. Start with a cube and extrude it along the x-axis a couple times till its the width of the guitar. Then extrude it along the z-axis as many times as needed to form the rest of the body. Then just shape the mesh to look like the reference photo. And yes, a mirror modifier is an excellent idea as well Having the quad faces makes putting the sound hole in much easier. It doesn’t take long either. The mesh in these pics took me less than 5 min. Hope this helps some. Good luck!

if you look at his above pictures, its quite obvious he is :P, this is his first time modeling a guitar :smiley:

yes it is the first time, also that’s petty funny how huge iv’e made it , if you hadn’t pointed that out i honestly wouldent have noticed, is there a particular conversion of blender units to metres or feet? thanks

EDIT: kind of irrelevant question but i feel like i keep missing really basic yet vital stuff here, anybody recommend a good beginner/intermediate guide on blender? iv’e been through plenty of tutorials and videos but maybe i need something a little more thorough,

try " Dark Scarab " on google and i think there is a " blender for dummys " book out now.

thanks , i have dark scarab/blendercookie in my favourites already and i’m trying to work through as much as possible, i don’t know about buying a physical book because i tried working through a book on 3ds max years ago and i ended up using the supplied pdf more than the actual book, also dont the “for dummy’s” books tend to be of pretty bad quality? i’ll give it a read either way but i remember hearing that somewhere

i have only tried visual C++ for dummies and it was pretty bad… i only realised that after spending lots of time on a chapter about halfway through which i was stuck on… i just couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to mean. i then showed it to a friend who is actually a teacher in this and he just laughed and said “well no wonder you weren’t able to understand it… it makes no sense to teach pointers that early on and they don’t really explain what they are and what they are used for very well either”

the disadvantage of books like these is that while they do contain lots of knowledge… it might not relate to what you’re really trying to do at all.
jumping through all kinds of hoops to get a general overview on everything can be beneficial, but it can be quite tedious and boring and in most cases you won’t really need many of the things you learned that way.