Action activation

(blenderage) #1

Ive been making a fighting game where you can do different attacks on air and ground etc. Ive used touch sensors so that blender knows which action do do when. Simple. The only trouble is that when the game starts all the action that are connected to the touch senor play at once. Once they have finished the game works fine. This is anoying me quiet a bit though Thanks for any aswers.

(jrt) #2


Would it not be possible to add a second sensor along with your touch sensor to make another condition (eg:- timer) that has to be met before the command is activated?

Seems odd though that they’re set off at the start of the game. Fortunatly
for me I’ve never had this happen.

No doubt someone wiser that I will be able to answer your question.

Cheers jrt.

(blenderage) #3

yeah they’re assigned to buttons so punch button(e.g. A)+touch ground=normal punch.

(Pooba) #4

Yeah, i’ve found this quite anoying, it was happening with my game too. It seems to play the last newly made action, maybe if you made a new action of standing still it would just play that?