Action Editor Help

A student of mine has created a walk cycle, a run cycle, and a jump cycle in the action editor. Somehow though, he must have gotten mixed up between the action editor and the dope sheet. I’m not sure which or how?

When we move the action strips, they are missing information, even though all of the keys are in the dope sheet.

Can you copy keys from one action to another, new action? Check out the file, it’s so hard to explain what he’s done.

Try adjusting actions. Each action should have first key frame at frame 1. They are all over the place as it is. And, reassemble it in NLA editor.

From the looks of things, there are several things that have gone wrong here:

  1. All the animation was created for the “metarig” armature object. However, for whatever reason, your student has gone and assigned at least one of these actions to the mesh instead.

To fix this, delete the “walk/run” strips and the corresponding NLA tracks from “Suzanne”. Then, add a new Action Strip (Shift-A) for these actions under the metarig (select one of the existing tracks OR create a new one first)

  1. I’m not sure exactly what the strip on the armature (obdata) level is doing, but I’m guessing that it’s probably not needed

  2. Not every bone is keyframed in each of the actions. This leads to some blending problems when jumping back to the start, since the pose doesn’t get reset on unkeyed bones.