action editor in blender 2.46 and higher

Hello everyone.

This may not be the right place to post this and the question itself might be pretty dumb, but as I have experienced the blender community as very nice and understanding I will just go ahead and post anyway at the risk of being told to search first and then post :slight_smile:
The point is, I actually searched everything from the blender homepage over google to this forum. Maybe I’m just not hitting the right search terms.

But enough excuses.
My problem:
It’s been a little while, since I actually did animation in Blender. Now that I am trying to use the action editor in Blender 2.46 I come to realise that it has changed significantly since then. It doesn’t behave in the way I am used to and not in the way this article >><< describes.
No I am not saying that it is bad now, only that I do not know how it works. I don’t seem to find essential functions like for instance the “Paste flipped Pose” button.

What I would like to ask for however is some kind of pointer to good reference, which can help me to brush up on the changes. I am almost sure it is somewhere out there and I am also pretty sure it’s not that hard to find, but I seem to be running against a wall here.

So if any of you are willing to give me a helping hand I would highly appreciate it.
Once again my apologies for bothering you with such stuff.

Thank you in advance,


Paste flipped is in the 3D View window in Pose mode, Pose->Paste Flipped
wiki for AE is a bit unloved: but the best I can offer ya.

thank you so much :slight_smile:

just what I can say, action editor has much improved. I recommend you highly to read about bone groups which make work in the editor very very comfortable :slight_smile:

You’ll find out much of what’s new in the Action editor in this release note for the 2.46 :