Action instancing with Animation-Nodes

I try to randomize action for a walking crowd and even more to learn how to do it with Animation Nodes.

I have some issues to clarify but to start with I cannot instance the character properly.

to make the long story short my question is how to instance with animation nodes a character that is rigged.

Blend file

As for long story -in case it helps, some details of what I did and the attached file:

a. I could create it with particles (See the blend file Particles collection) - which is less interesting as AN enables many options that I cannot do with particles - randomize the action, collisions etc’. b. I tried two AN trees, both didn’t worked properly.

The Instance AN tree (the number is set to zero so it won’t interfere the other AN tree). did add the meshes but deformed. As if they instances have some issue with weight paint or Scaling. The

Action tree - gave more or less the same result… {and seems to me a better path to explore as I’d with after to randomize the action, but assigning different actions (from a given pool) to the instances}. I tried it with different actions, on rigify and mixamo actions… different meshes, armatures. The results were more or less the same. It seems that the further the vertices are from the center the more they are distorted.)