Action Length


Can anybody explain to me how i set the length of an animation. Currently it just uses the first and the last keyframe of the animation in the action, i want to be able to set these manually since some keyframes are not part of the actio but are just used to creat a specific shape of curve (near the beginning or end of an action). I need this because i am working with the unreal engine and want to use blender for my character animation, when i export my animations the timings are always broken because it uses the action lengths for export!

Thanks a million!

Big clue below:

It’s all in the manual pages, how to set the values and what they do.

Cheers. Clock.

In the N-panel of the NLA Editor you can change the Clip length of the Action.
I don’t have any experience with exporting to another software, but here what I would try:
adjust the Action Clip length in the N-panel as desired, then add keyframes at the new Clip ends for all the relevant animation channels. With checking in the Graph editor make sure the interpolations don’t change.
Then delete the keys which are outside the desired Clip range.
Now the Action keeps the new range if added to the NLA again. So I could imagine it also keeps that length when exported…
Good luck

i dont think you understood my questions… thanks for the help

Thanks a million, hope this does the trick… i am not sure whether i want to add these keyframes you described… the thing is that for example walk cycles really benefit from having frames outside the action (for blending the cycle moment). Unreal engine allowes me to set a timerange on import, which also does the trick, but i’d rather have the files in the desired length from blender. I will try using that NLA editor!


The FBX exporter has an option to export unmuted strips on the NLA editor. These strips will be the length set by the settings in the NLA editor, this works PERFECT! thank you!