Action logic brick help

I am looking for some in depth info on the action logic brick, specifically the layer and layer weight options. Can anyone link me to an explanation? I think I understand priority and blending, but how do your use layers to manage multiple animations so they blend correctly?

Can anyone take a look at my blend and set the parameters correctly? Animations on the same layer with the same priority freeze up when you try to play them.

actually you can use layers for 2 purposes
1.) you can use it to blend animations by playing it in separate layers and adjusting layer weights to influence each animation’s blending with other
2.) another thing is that it solves the mess of priorities as you can play different animations in different layers with same priorities it will not stuck the animations but play as per sensor tells it to play

so it’s better use different layers instead of messing up with priorities actually what priority does is it tells blender which animation it should give preference(as far as i know) animation with less priority(say 0) will be more preferable from that of higher priority(more than 0) it’s useful but causes many bugs in animation

actually i’ve even figured that out recently…
i even used to mess up with priorities:yes::D:o;)

Thanks, it sound exactly like the same issues I am facing. I have been learning through trial and error, but I still can’t get them to work as I think they should. Does anyone have any links to any tutorials that explain the options of the action brick in detail?

i don’t think so that there are tutorials explaining action actuator at all
but you can ask anything you want
actually i even used to mess up with that actuator but now it seems pretty easy to me (i think i am boasting =P)

Can you share a blend of a simple setup that uses multiple layers?

This may help you,but if you can’t understand just ask me:cool:


arrow keys-move
spacebar -jump