Action/NLA step-by-step?


I’m trying to make a series of simple actions.

I have a mesh that is rigged, I animate the rig in pose mode and use I>LocRot to store Ipo’s.
I finished the first part of the animation and converted it into an NLA strip. Now I want to make the next one. To do this, I have pressed the X beside the name of the action. Now, however, when i press alt-a it still plays the first animation. Even when I add new keyframes etc. this doesn’t change: if i add a keyframe at frame 20, then go forward to 21 and then back to 20, my keyframe hasn’t been saved. What am I doing wrong?

I believe the NLA is on single action mode, rather than full NLA mode.

If you look at the Armature’s name in the NLA editor, right next to it your probably seeing the action editor icon. Click on this icon to toggle it to the NLA icon.

Now you should be able to see both actions. However it sounds like you
didn’t get into the second strip to key it.

So the basic workflow is

-Get the NLA in Action Mode ( when the icon is the action editor icon in the NLA window ) And make each strip. Note you’ll have to select each strip no matter where you want the keys to be on the timeline.

-When your done, see all your actions together by clicking the NLA icon next to your armature in the NLA window to the NLA icon. This should allow you to see both actions ( but now you can’t key them).

thanks very much, that did the trick! :slight_smile:

I’m glad it worked. That means I’m finally figuring out the NLA as well :stuck_out_tongue: