Action problem

Whenever I try to connect logic bricks to an action Actuator it doesn’t play the action in the GE. This is really startin to piss me off so for the love of god please help me. :<

how did you set up the logic bricks and how did you parent youre objects and which version of blender are you using?

There are some bugs in different versions or cases of parenting, so that information would probably be helpfull for others to help you. :wink:

I parented my character to my armature with ctrl + p then made vertex groups and I set up my logic brick with the sensor being W then using and as the controller and a motion and action actuators. Im using Blender 2.40

Blender 2.40 doesnt support armatures.This is your problem.I heard there is soon going to be a 2.41 with fully working game engine(armatures and stuff…).In the meantime , use 2.37.

Theres already a 2.4 build with GE fixes (including armatures) out. It should still be on the first page of this forum.

I baked an action and Blender created the keys but in the GE it doesn’t work. I’m using Blender 2.40.
Where can I find this fixed version? Didn’t find anything on the first page of this forum.

Baked? As in vertex animation? This is not supported in the game engine but can be done with some python coding (don’t ask me what the code is; I think its complicated).

Thank you, I haven’t heart that expression since Tommy Boy, thank you Mr. Good that was so friggin funny.

Not supported?
And what about this:

Baking Actions

If you have an animation that involves constraints and you would like to use it in the game engine (which does not evaluate constraints), you can bake the action by pressing the BAKE button in the Action Window headerbar. This will create a new action in which every frame is a keyframe. This action can be played in the game engine and should display correctly with all constraints removed. For best results, make sure that all constraint targets are located within the same armature.