Action Script 3.0


Someone told me that I can speed up animations on my website by using Action Script 3.0

I don’t have much knowledge about that.

Can any one tell me how can I use it in Blender without using Flash?. If I can do like that or do I really need to use Action Script because as we know Blender has already FLV codec?

Everything was fine until I have noticed that my animation are freezing pretty often.
Any advise?


No Blender NEWS related.

Action Script is just a script language.
I would rather guess they meant to use a modern Flash version
which supports ActionScript 3.

But I would say without Flash you will not be able to do much with Action Script

ActionScript is an API for flash based off the ECMA scripting language. (Javascript is another API based off the same language) Flash’s API and the Flash video container format have nothing in common other than having “flash” in their names, so it will not be of any use to you within the direct scope of Blender.

Thanks you all for explanation, that exactly what I need to know.

it is possible to do actionscript 3/swf without using Flash, the adobe swf/action script compiler is opensource and free (flex sdk). You can do .as files with a simple text editor and comple them with flex sdk. But the easily way is to use FlashDevelop witch is a very good .as editor and a easy way to use the flex sdk. Flashdevop is just for windows but on linux there some other alternatives, scite as3 + flex sdk, eclipse + as plugin + flex sdk…

Interesting, I’ll check it. Many thanks. Your English is clear enough!

Oh yes Flex darn.

If you use Papervision Collada export, you can run augmented reality apps compiled with Flex.

I totally missed that while having work on that on a project last year :wink:

I’m still not entirely clear what the original poster wanted help with – I gather that he’s rendering FLVs from Blender (why straight to FLV? If you need any kind of post-production, that’s a horrid workflow!), and wants to play them back online using a Flash video player. If all you need is a player for already-rendered FLVs, I recommend googling JW Player – it’s free for non-commercial use, and I’ve found it wholly satisfactory for my needs re: embedded flv/h264 video.

I think U might be right that he only talks about acceleration of video play back using
a Flash based player.

Yes, I was talking about acceleration of FLV video on my website. Post production is something new for me and I can imagine that the way I do things can surprised some of the blender users. :slight_smile: