.activation(wc #261)

Hey everybody, here’s my entry for this weekends challenge.
Im really happy with the lighting, and the compositing turned out just like I wanted(btw, the sharpness of the last panel is purposeful).
Im open to all crits, opinions, interpretations, whatever.
Blender internal, AO, a few area lights, Blender nodes, photoshop for arrangeing of images.

i like that.
Abstarct, evocative.
I like the lighting, but maybe the DOF is a tad strong on the second pic ?
I really like that kind of things…WD !

pure eyesex.
looks like one of those abstract concept models from the 60s/70s. real cool.

@Gwenouille: Thanks! Yeah, the DoF is rather claustrophobic on the second image, going for a blurred(by movement)/glowing/close-up sorta thing. All in all, it’s suposed to to look a bit uncomfortable(hence the strong green), apparently it worked :slight_smile: Thanks again.

@StompinTom: Ha, the best post Ive gotten in a long time XD . Thanks so much(and Im glad that bit of retro comes thru)


Wow thats awesome :slight_smile: made me think of some borg nanoprobe or something, or maybe the replicators from stargate. Cool stuff :slight_smile:

Such simple modeling, simple concept, and cliché overused script.
You managed to make it pretty awesome looking anyway, IMO.
Either 4 or 5 stars, can’t decide yet.

Mmmm no. That script is cool, but c’mon, you’re better than simple abstracts, and abstracts created by scripts at that

You made the humble cube beautiful.

@Borgleader: Thanks!
@Blenditall: thankee thankee. Either one’s good for me, glad I pleased :slight_smile:
@Fuzzy: Aw, you party pooper. I dig where you’re coming from though, and a well founded opinion it is.
@TheANIMAL: Well thank you so much. Great to hear from you.

Peace everybody!

I think that is absolutely cool! Love the feel to it, nice tone. It’s simple, but very effective, and fits well with the name.

Very nice free_ality!

Hm. I think it’s the framing / composition that really makes it.

Now can I just convince my office to put one of those up instead of the “The Window of Opportunity” pic that I keep wanting to call “First Jump is Free” or something …

@Cuby: Thanks so much.

@Starweaver: Ha, gotta hate those inspirational posters XD thanks man

is there a highres version i can use as desktop background? :slight_smile: