Active Camera Bug

at least in Blender 2.48a I experiece following thing:
If I have more than 2 cameras in the scene, after some time I cannot change active camera anymore, no matter how many time I press Ctrl+Num 0. What helps is just to delete N-1 camera and put them in the scene again. I don’t thing it depends on a system, I had it on 3 different PCs.

Any suggestion what to do?

Under the 3D window there is a lock (next to the layers buttons), check this.
Can you select the other cameras? Check in the outliner window if the cameras are locked.

/ Mats

I am getting the same problem (with the Arenyart 0783 2.48 build). Whatever I do, I cannot make a different camera the active camera. I have checked / played with the padlock icon but nothing works. I have to delete all but one of the cameras just to make the last remaining one the active camera.

I also experience this problem with Blender 2.48, and I alsocould only ‘solve’ it by deleting cameras, which is surely not the most elegant way.
I use Blender on a notebook, therefore I have used the menu to change cameras instead of ctrl+num0, thought it had to do with that…
Has anyone found solutions to this yet, or has this bug been fixed in version 2.49?
I haven’t updated yet - didn’t want to change until I finish my current project.

Best, B.

Not an argument against a bug (I may not have the right conditions in my file to see it), but I’ve been switching cameras ad nauseum in both 2.46, 2.48, and now & then in a 2.49 build, using CTRL+NUM0 with nary a glitch. I have 6 cameras in the scene and routinely swap them depending on the animation I’m doing, so I can render from multiple viewpoints if I want to. Padlock icon status affects whether or not a particular window will update when I do a change, but hasn’t had any affect I can see on being able to change cameras.

Can you post a .blend where it’s simply impossible for you to switch the active camera? Bugs should be repeatable, and if not, maybe a solution can be discovered.