Active mate system in blender?

Hello. Im working on a complex mechanical model. Its designed and I want to mate parts together. I didnt find constraints very usefull so I was searching how to make a mates like concentric, face to face, tangent… in blender. I found that some people are working on some CAD addon but is there any other way to mate for example front car suspension that would act as real after turning wheel in 3d view editor? Thank you.

As far as I understood you need to have different parts of your model change rotation, position and so on. This would be best achieved through rigging. Constraints can be useful on their own sometimes but rigs with constraints can include a lot of useful functions. Action constraints are good for making several things happen from a simple change. I don’t know how familiar you are with blender but there are a lot of good rigging tutorials on eg. vimeo.

Im mostly working with cad systems. So I have not understood many functions here. But I want to make hinge ball pivot… between parts in specified places. Lets say that you have 2 different parts - a ball stud with a cup ending. What way of mating would you apply with blender? Rigging? Thank you

Here’s my go I dont know why its not reconising the limit rotations
constraint properly ? also when I tried an IK constraint it totaly
ignored the limit rotation constraint ???



Ball_Joint_Attempt.blend (105 KB)