Actually constraining an object's position.

Constraints in Blender only reposition an object to the constrained position. It does nothing to change the values stored in the x, y and z position channels. Is there a way to do this?

I’m not entirely clear on how you want to constrain an object. Are you talking about the limit location constraint, perhaps?

After you have set your constraints, in Object mode, you can do ‘Apply’(Ctrl+A) -> ‘Visual transform’.
Then you can remove constraint(s).


Hm, “apply visual transform” would solve a number of inconveniences.
See, I’m building a rig and one of my bones is functioning as a slider. Even though the slider is visually constrained, the transform value is not. Using “Apply visual transform” should work fine, but it would be nice if I could instead constrain the slider’s actual transform values (not the visual transform), and not worry at all about applying the visual pose.

Is there a way to do that, or will I just have to make do?

Thanks everyone!

I don’t think that will work on a bone that you need to move constantly in pose mode. What constraint are you using on the slider bone now?

“Limit location”