Actuator "Copy" property from another object doesn't seem to work

Using Blender 2.74, I set up the simplest “game” just a cube and a sphere. Cube has an integer property (which I start at 3) and the sphere has an integer property. Cube has a keyboard sensor, when I press the key, the value of the prop adds 1 to the value. The sphere has an “always sensor” that copies the value from the cube’s prop to it’s own prop. It also has a property sensor with the type set to “changed”, so when the property changes (by copying the new value from the cube prop), I have a simple motion actuator. I have debug on and when I start the game, both properties are 3, which shows that the copy happened. But when I press a key, the cube prop still increases, but the sphere prop goes to 0 and no longer copies. Is it working in 2.74?

you have to activate the always triggering pulse or use a message to tell the sphere the prop its changed

That was it! Thank you!