Acura RL 2005 _ custom

Here’s my new car… The Acura RL 2005 with a custom Bodykit. I’ve got a stock-version too, if you want to see it.
Well, here’s the picture:


Great model. :wink:

What you could improve:

  • add more contrast in postpro.
  • those rims look not too good, or just I dont like them?

Amazing work, this may be one of the best blender cars I have ever seen :smiley:

Maybe we can combine mine honda when I finish it…

thats an amazing render, truly one of the best blendered cars i’ve seen

ohhhh 8)

very nice car, but your render doesnt do the model justice. wires?

i cant say anything really except mmmmmmmmmm

top notch, great renderin 8)

sexy car! you have one in real life too?

nah, I don’t even have a driver’s licence…

The wires (from the stock version):


Holy jeebus!

That is my car! (disclaimer: not really, but that is the dream car)

My dad has a tl, and i want an RL. great car, and your rendition with the bodywork is gorgeous. How about a real render here? Nice and big, with a little mirror in the paint.

Great model MrCocky ! As others said, the model is great but the render isn’t. You could easily improve it. I would like to see other angles too.

Perfect. No crits at all.

Does anyone else feel sad when looking at renders like this?

I know I do. :frowning:

Coz I know how much work that is to make, and how hard it would be for me to get anywhere near that level of standard.

TOP STUFF!! I really do love the model.
Perhaps put it in a scene? That would be sweet.

nice - very shiny
great detail

rock on !

Very nice, perfection. You also have the right amount of vertices. I had to cancel my project because of way too many verts. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you all for the accolade…
Another picture (not tuned):


Just had another look and I think its missing a couple of things to make it ocmplete-

number plates, at least a rear one

and a rear view mirror

also I think your chrome material could be a bit shinier - for more impact