Acura RL 2005


Hello … this is my new car … actually concept car based on Acura RL 2005 … the blueprint is from [link] … Hope you like it … Render time is probably is about 10 mins each. Rendered using Blender internal. I doing this model is about for 5 hours ( 3 1/2 hours for modeling and 1 1/2 for texturing, lightning, and scene setup ) This is one of the best render i have done … Currently, the source blender file is only for [link] … ( Contact me if you want it ) … Hope you like it … :eek:

I like the last render the best…
It seems that you have a very good model but perhaps rushed the lighting/rendering aspect. With more dynamic lighting and materials, this could be a lot better.

true…it seriosly needs better texture/material and lighting…the tail lights espeacially look in dire need of better textures…

How many polygons is it? I’ve been working on some cars for a free racing game called vdrift and that would be a great addition if you’re interested in getting involved:

hey TyFric…i’m down…count me in if u think i can be of any help…meanwhile u can check my forum thread of a recent citroen model that i did…
and another model by me…a wrangler:

Nice. The target for the polygon count is 3000 triangles for the body but they’re not too firm about it. It looks like your models will require quite a bit of work to get them that low. The interior and wheels need to be separate. More complete instructions are here:

I personally haven’t written the necessary file for configuring the performance of the car – for the one I’m working on right now I’m just using an existing car and replacing the model. There are developers on their forums that can help you with the preformance once the models / textures are ready (or you can figure it out from their wiki if that’s what you prefer)

To everyone :

I actually don’t know how to make a perfect car lamp … can anyone give me some tutorial for it ?

To TyFric :

I think, it have hundreds thousand of polygon … I try to modeling the car for your game later :smiley:

It’s actually surprisingly easy to reduce a complex model like this. I would suggest using the retopo tool to remake the basic shape of the car without things like the lights, grill and seams between body panels, then replace the details you removed with textures. Once those details are removed the polgon reduction script or decimator can do a very good job of bringing down the count if you don’t want to do it by hand.

If you’re good at UV mapping you can even use render baking to make textures for the low detail model using the high detail model.

Hey … nice idea … God willing, i will try to do that …

nice modelling there …try using some materials from there is a car paint from cyan…and i really liked the modelling.

Texture for the car is from the link you gave :smiley: It’s is Red Metallic Car Paint :smiley: