"Adam" short film made with Unity 3D

So, interesting… Obviously still needs Blender to make assets, but rendering… What do you think ?

duplicate post, BPR posted this a week or so ago

Impressive visuals. If they put the same hard work on the editor, maybe it stops crashing and glitching.

What a surprise. Did he confuse Unity with BGE / UPBGE ? :evilgrin:

Actually he made a duplicate thread for an even earlier thread so this is the third thread, but it’s fine I guess if you talk about the rendering in game engine stuff instead of Unity itself. I’m pretty interested in this stuff myself and checked out the Epic Games GDC streams where they talked about something similar to this. It’s a talk where they talk about sequencer (! haha) which is their new NLA like editing tool.

You can check it out here: https://www.twitch.tv/unrealengine/v/54786271?367m49s

4:41 is really impressive, shows real time performance capture.

Although the face rigging sucks a bit, is a good concept technically.