ADAPT 2008.. anyone going?

i know this might be a little too late… there is what seems to be a big event in Montreal, Canada… here is a quote from the About page over at

      //ADAPT - Advanced Digital Art Production Techniques 

The //ADAPT Conference is designed to teach the most advanced practices in digital art production. This conference touches every facet of digital art creation from film to video game development. //ADAPT joins computer graphic professionals and enthusiasts worldwide, delivering multiple high end classes taught by some of the most renowned artists from the most celebrated studios around the world.

//ADAPT is both a forum and a strategic venue where one can broaden their network, develop business relations as well as enrich their skills. //ADAPT offers an opportunity to come together while moving forward as an international event that embraces digital art creation in all its magnificence.

      We hope you enjoy the //ADAPT Experience!

                 //ADAPT Team           

the reason this is late is because i’m not sure if i can make it there, but if i could, i’ll be there most likely on Monday and Tuesday (September 22, 23).

i was thinking maybe we can make a small blenderheads gathering somewhere. depends on how many people post here…

there is a seperate forum for them at CGSociety


man the passed 2 years there was a very low price that would give you access to the basic stuff…like exploring the galleries, talk to companies etc… it was like 40$CAD

the lowest I see on their website right now is 224$…I’m I missing something?

opps, i didn’t put that in mind :stuck_out_tongue: i was kind of excited because it might be hard for me to get another chance in the future…

it seems like it’s over $200… kinda heavy on the pocket… :rolleyes:

i don’t know how you even got the $224… the lowest i could get was $252.84 with the student discount (see picture).

anyway, i’ll decide before the weekend… but there is a 60-70% chance i might go especially if there is more people to meet from here :slight_smile: