Adaptive sculpting in blender with dyntopo (holes without boolean)

I was always wondering if it is possible to sculpt holes and arches with dyntopo (without needing to do booleans), and why it is not implemented in blender yet.

I did some research and found that there is not really many softwares which allow such manipulation. Only one sculp tool which allow me to make holes without boolean and bridge is webgl sculpt tool

Author of this tool gave us all sources in github

Maybe it is possible to implement some of his features in blender?

Use Blob Brush Subtract with Dyntopo make nice hole in mesh…:slight_smile:


I believe he’s talking about holes that go all the way through the mesh (not part of the way like you can with Dyntopo).

As I recall, Campbell at one point did some work to add that ability in a separate branch, but eventually shelved the project with no work on it since. The code is there, but right now we need a developer to go back, dust it off, and commit it to Master.

Well at least we have a hope that they will review old code and find this little but really helpful feature.
I understand that this can be not stable, but they can enter this feature as “experimental”, why not? In cycles we have experemental feature which sometimes may crash.

It is possible to do it by other ways.


Didn’t think of that Ace…I jusl look at the picture…)

But became curious and did a quick test…

Blob Brush Symmetrize y…You can see when brush meet in the middle…
It’s maybe not so clear in Picture but when it happen You will see strait faces , then go edit , I use c to select. 2 click and there is hole…A little work with Smooth Brush and it will look nice…)

Other hole and shape is made with Carver MT Addon…In Object mode…Damn Cool Addon…Cheers to Dev’s