Add a ring to a sphere?

I’d like to subdivide an edge of a sphere without having triangle faces on the sides. How can I achieve it? I’d like to add a edge all around the sphere keeping quad faces.

Thanx for your help.

ps: if you don’t understand my question, just try to subdivide an edge on a sphere. You’ll see the trinagle faces I’m talking about.

you can’t do it in blender without some significant tricks, which i will explain. people are working on it though -> edge ring selection has been added by somebody recently, and someone else has made a loop-cutter python script (have a look in the python forum).

now, my stupid hack:

this trick involves the ‘beauty’ button in the mesh edit window.
it is not at all elegant and probably won’t suit your needs.
add your sphere.
in edit mode, b-select the top half of the sphere from the ring of faces you want to subdivide.
G move holding CTRL 2 units up.
select the rest of the mesh and G+CTRL move 2 units down.
select the ring of faces using B.
press down the beauty button in the edit window.
press subdivide (or use the W key menu).
select the top of the mesh, G+CTRL down 2U,
select bottom of mesh, G+CTRL up 2U.

and there you have it. a truly stupid hack.


Yes that’s exactly what I meant Beat: edge loops and edge rings. I’ve come to this issue while trying to follow a tutorial to model a head(on 3dsMax, but supposed to fit any software). It looks so easy compared to the face by face technique. :o
Check that:
It’s sad blender don’t allow this kind of stuff :’(
As you thougt, your trick doesn’t fit my needs. thanks anyway, dude.
I’ll check that python script.
See you.

Use the ‘Rusty Knife’ script.

Go into face mode (F)

RMB select the row of faces you want to subdivide.

Press ‘Cut’


Save yourself the trouble and model with Wings 3D instead. It is also free and designed from the ground up with edge loops in mind.