Add additional vertices inside a mesh

I’m an absolute beginner with Blender, so maybe I’m just approaching this wrong. Anyway, here is what I wanted to know.

When I have a mesh I can create additional vertices by pressing E and extrude them. But how can I create additional vertices inside an existing mesh to add additional detail?

A small exmaple to iilustrate this.

I create a cylinder and on top and bottom is the ring of vertices that the cylinder is constructed from. Now when I add additional vertices I can select all vertices from the top (or bottom doesn’t really matter) press extrude and I get a new ring. Now I have three rings, top, bottom and in the middle. I can repeat this until I have enough vertices to work with. But how can I add detail in the middle? When I select vertices in the middle of the cylinder, and press E then the vertices are not in the mesh, but are extending outward (I hope you know what I mean).

This image shows the mesh. Adding new vertices here is easy, because I can use the extrude function and then I will get an additonal set of vertices as can already be seen with the previous rings.

Now I wonder how I can add such a ring of vertices here?

Have you tried faceloop cuts? In editmode, hit the k-key -> Face Loop Cut.

Thanks! That was exactly what I wanted. :slight_smile: