add character addon

update on 24/11/2017

character was cylindrical
option for setup character:

known bug:
if you make many character and don’t change their name broke camera parenting.

don’t work with win7 32 bits and UPbge 0.2 (I don’t understand why)


I have made a simple addons for add character

it’s very simple just a button in left panel of 3d view

it’s my first addon for blender

so if you have any suggestion your welcome

i haven’t many time so i think that this addons upgrade be slowly

edit: the addon is in game engine categorie

he adds a button for rapidly make and configure a simple character

i have made this for virtual visits

A bit of reference or explanation, maybe a video would be nice to cap some attention for yourself… I just downloaded the addon to experiment, to exactly find out why I should try to find out lol. Because at this point all I know is “add character addon” I’m sure you put an effort, but guess now the rest of us should gamble with our time in figuring something out, that we may not exactly need.

ok here we go! :wink:

I think it would be better if the player object was cylindrical and had cylindrical bounds, for going around walls easier. Also the camera should be inside the player mesh so that it doesn’t go through ceilings if the player jumps.

Instead of always sensors you should be use mouse sensors

@ Nicholas_A
ok for cylindrical it’s for the next version
after for the jumps i don’t no if many people want this i can make it perhaps optional


can you explain me the benefit
I usually use python for make player. It’s my first time with new logic brick system:)

today i have made player cylindrical
and i have made news options

i’m work for made more options and after i’ll post it

Ok, well the addon hadn’t work when I tried to install it, hopefully I can get to use it next update… :wink:

update on first post

@hanzo: can you tell me the error when you install addon please

add news option fly cam:

for the moment the addons is ready for my personal use but if people want more options i can make it ^^

the download link is the same :