Add lense to eye

Im still new to this new and learning. I love blender but wow a lot to take in for sure…
I am trying to add a clear lens covering to an eye. I probably missed a step somewhere but I cant get the lens to show as transparent and glossy over the pupil of the eye. I unwrapped the eye and UV texture painted it. I created everything in cycles. The eye and pupil are painted the way I want I just need the clear lens front to make it look more real…
thanks for any help!

If I figure it correctly, the lens has a red material applied, I don’t know whether the lens and the globe are two separate objects as I guess, or they are just one mesh, so:
in the former case what you have to do is delete whatever material from the lens and create/apply a glass material;

in the latter case you have to enter edit mode, select all the vertices or faces of the lens object, and from the material panel add a glass material on the material slot and press the ‘Assign’ button.

I hope I was sufficiently clear and have interpreted the problem correctly.


Thanks Paolo
I deleted the material that had been applied and added a mix shader with transparent and glossy shaders…the glass was almost invisible …its better…lightning needs work and maybe some tweaking…I have checked out several tutorials… one used blender render and texture painting and I liked the look it gave…but I had to try and figure out how you do that in Cycles because I created my bat object in Cycles.
The interface differences are tough to figure out but Im getting better…it just doesn’t have the shiny look the Blender render engine gave but Im sure I just don’t have things tweaked just right…

Don’t expect to get with cycles the same effects than with BI, although with a little practice of cycles material nodes surely you can come near, or get even better.

That eye looks nice so far.


Think it turned ok pretty good for my first eye…obviously not human heh heh…Would love anyone critique on how to make it look any better…its Blender 2.73a cycles engine…UV texture paint map…with a Lens added through mix shader .010 on fac…glossy ggx color white with .002 roughness and a transparent shader…