Add Mesh Script Merge

After some discussions I did this in SVN >

merged “lesser” add mesh scripts.
add mesh extras, gemstones, twisted torus, gears & 3d function surfaces
Now in folder add_mesh_extra_objects under 1 init file.

So now instead of an add mesh menu in add-ons that’s cluttered, you can enable all the extra add mesh scripts at once.

any suggestions are most welcome.

Wunderful, it made me realize the XYZ math surface (and as a mathematician ;0 )

do you like the open style menu?
I was thinking of adding sub menu’s.
Thanks for noticing :slight_smile:

next I’ll be seperating the create mesh functions.

very interesting

is there a way to add our own special mesh for instance or scripts to this list ?

is this available from now or when do you expect this to be available?