Add Modifier with Python

Hey guys- does anyone know how to use Python to add a modifier? I am making a game and need to be able to apply a modifier to an object on command, any ideas guys? Thanks!

Example at the top of this page:

from Blender import *

ob = Object.Get('Cube')        # retrieve an object
mods = ob.modifiers            # get the object's modifiers
mod = mods.append(Modifier.Types.SUBSURF) # add a new subsurf modifier
mod[Modifier.Settings.LEVELS] = 3     # set subsurf subdivision levels to 3

Cross link to the possiblity of animating the modifier using code.

It seems you cann ot animate a modifier’s parameters using the IPO,

I’ve been told you cannot add the Modifier in the Game Engine? Can you confirm this?

On that note, do you know how to start/stop the Game Engine using python? I’m working on a robotics project and trying to make a 3D real-time camera for vision translation. Thanks guys!